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We all know how important it is to brush and floss our teeth daily, but did you know that it is also important to visit your dentist every six months for a professional Dental Cleaning? While brushing and flossing are great ways to ensure your mouth is healthy, a professional dental cleaning can provide a deeper clean, protecting areas you may not be able to clean properly on your own.

What Does a Professional Dental Cleaning Include?

Brushing and flossing your teeth are good ways to ensure that your mouth is healthy and that you have a good oral health. However, at Glenmore Landing Dental Centre we recommend that you have a dental cleaning once a year to protect the areas that the brush and floss might not reach.

When visiting the dentist for your dental cleaning, there are a few different procedures that will be performed. With the help of a dental hygienist, your mouth will be thoroughly cleaned, including below the gum line. This gum cleaning will help ensure that you will not be affected by gum disease later in life. Your dentist may also recommend fluoride treatment during your cleaning to help strengthen your teeth. At the end of the visit, your dentist will inspect your smile and make sure there are no issues that need to be taken care of.

If it has been a while since your last dental cleaning, contact our Calgary SW dental clinic today and schedule your dental cleaning.

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