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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction – There can be many reasons that a patient’s wisdom teeth would need to be removed, but the primary reason is that modern humans do not have a need for them. On occasion, a wisdom tooth will come in in a way that is not harmful to us, so it will not have to be removed.

The most common reasons for removing a wisdom tooth are:

  • The tooth is impacted: The patient’s jawbone is not large enough to fit the tooth and the tooth is unable to break through the gums properly.

  • The tooth is partially showing: If the tooth only partially breaks through the gums, it will not be able to seal correctly with the gums. This can open a pathway for infection and can be dangerous to the patient.

  • The tooth emerges at an angle: Some wisdom teeth can come in at an angle, which can cause pain to the patient, or damage other teeth.

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